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AMA (Ask Me Anything) on reddit/fantasy: for the Pixel Project

Hi all! My AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on r/fantasy is coming up this week. This round of AMAs and other events marks the 10th anniversary of The Pixel Project, a major fundrasing initiative with the aim of reducing violence against women and children. The link provided gives you the dates and times for science fiction and fantasy authors’ AMA sessions. The times given are in US Eastern time, so you’ll need to adjust for your time zone. Sorry about the late notice here – I put details up on my Facebook Fan Page a few days ago.  Instructions below:

Taking Part in Read For Pixels AMA Sessions

It’s easy peasy once you have a Reddit account:

  1. Go to r/Fantasy (for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror AMAs) or r/RomanceBooks (for Romance AMAs). Log into your Reddit account there.
  2. Scroll down the list of forum topics until you see the AMA with the title that includes the author’s name and mentions The Pixel Project and/or Read For Pixels.
  3. Click to access the AMA, then type in your questions for the author. The author will answer your questions either during the designated start time starting 7pm CT/8pm ET (U.S. authors) or at intervals throughout the day (authors outside the U.S.).
  4. Due to the “just in time” nature of AMAs (which are posted the day of the event), please visit the sub-reddit (r/Fantasy or r/RomanceBooks) stated under the bios of participating Read For Pixels authors below after 10am U.S. Eastern Time on the day of the event to leave your questions for the author of the day.
NOTE: Because the scheduled US time for my session to go live (10am on Tuesday Sept 26) is in fact bed time that day in my time zone, I will post the AMA then, and answer your questions gradually over the following 24 hour period.
If you’re too late to join in miss out on posting there, note the AMA will stay up for people to read after the official time for Q&A is over.