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Raven Flight


Historical fantasy for YA (13+) and adult readers

“The mysterious, dangerous and beautiful world created by Marillier is constructed impeccably.” Sun Herald

Neryn thinks she has lost everything and can trust no one, not even her mysterious companion, Flint.

But when she finds refuge at the rebel base of Shadowfell and discovers her canny gift as a Caller, she feels the first stirrings of hope.

Now she faces a perilous journey, accompanied by the rebel Tali and shadowed by the uncanny Good Folk. She must find the mysterious Guardians who can teach her how to use her remarkable gift. That gift may be key to releasing Alban from King Keldec’s stranglehold. But time is growing short.

“A new book by Juliet Marillier is always a cause for celebration” Kate Forsyth

Winner of the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Youth Novel

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