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Historical fantasy for YA (13+) and adult readers

“An exquisitely written tale of love, fear, faith and difficult choices … Marillier is a consummate craftswoman.” Sydney Morning Herald

“For those who wish that Tolkien had explored the character of Aragorn more deeply, Marillier provides the next best thing.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

The people of Alban live in fear. King Keldec and his masked Enforcers are scouring the land, burning villages and enslaving folk suspected of using magic.

Neryn has fled her home in the wake of its destruction, and is alone and penniless, hiding her unusual gift. She can rely on no one – not even the elusive Good Folk whose voices challenge and confuse her.

When an enigmatic stranger saves her life, Neryn and the man called Flint begin an uneasy journey together. Neryn wants to trust Flint, but cannot confide her true destination. For she has heard whisper of a mysterious place far away: a place where rebels are amassing to free the land and end the King’s reign. A place called Shadowfell.

“A new book by Juliet Marillier is always a cause for celebration” Kate Forsyth

Winner of the Tin Duck Award for Speculative Fiction

Finalist in the Sir Julius Vogel Awards

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