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Heart’s Blood

Historical fantasy for adult readers

Short-listed for the Aurealis Award for best fantasy novel.

 Heart’s Blood is a stand-alone historical fantasy for adult readers. It is loosely based on the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.

Trained scribe Caitrin flees her home in Market Cross, running from mistreatment at the hands of her kinsfolk. Bruised and alone, she arrives at Whistling Tor – a formidable fortification presided over by the local chieftain, Anluan. The local folk scorn and curse him for being a weak leader, unresponsive to their pleas for him to rid the surrounding forest of the eerie manifestations that have plagued it for generations.

Desperate for work and shelter, Caitrin ignores their warnings and seeks refuge at the Tor. Here she encounters a giant hound, malevolent whispers in the night and the rare and precious herb, Heart’s Blood; not to mention the brooding, hostile Anluan.

As Caitrin slowly begins to regain control of her life, she discovers that not everything is as it seems in this mysterious place. What do Anluan’s skewed features and volatile temper hide? Who are the men and women of the Host? What might the ancient manuscripts and family documents in the library reveal? And why does Caitrin sense that there is a dark and powerful force on the hill that doesn’t want her to find the truth?

“Marillier, with her graceful storytelling and talent as a folklorist, crafts a love story with magical underpinnings” Library Journal

“Juliet Marillier is a fine fantasy writer.” Anne McCaffrey

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