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Mother Thorn

Suitable for readers 12+

Walk into a fairy tale world that’s not quite what you might expect.

This collection of four stories was written by Juliet Marillier and illustrated by award-winning artist, Kathleen Jennings. Moher Thorn is for lovers of fairy tales from around age 12 to adult. It includes reimaginings of classics such as The Princess and the Pea (Pea Soup) and The Tinder Box (Copper, Silver, Gold.) Prickle Moon was published by Ticonderoga.

The Witching Well: Lara’s duty to her mother binds her to a life of lonely drudgery. A surprising encounter at the Witching Well brings a new friend into her life, and she discovers that acts of kindness can bring their own rewards.

Mother Thorn: Niamh knows Ronan is her soulmate. But can a chieftain’s daughter marry a kennel boy?  To make her dream come true, Niamh asks the Mother Thorn for help. But dealing with the Otherworld is tricky. If you’re not careful with your words, your future may take an unexpected turn.

Pea Soup: Running away from home on a stormy night, a soaked and weary Bella seeks shelter in a strange old house. There she discovers not only that the shy kitchen hand, Fred, cooks the best pea soup she’s ever tasted, but also that he’s a sort of prince. Fred’s mother wants a wife for him, but she has ridiculously high standards. And Bella’s determined to make her own choices.

Copper, Silver, Gold: The war is over and the army is defeated. After suffering terrible personal losses, Corporal Katrin Jorgensen makes her weary way homeward alone and on foot. A chance encounter with a strange old woman leads Katrin onto an unexpected path involving dogs, treasure and a lost tinder box.

Mother Thorn was short-listed for Best Collection in the 2020 Aurealis Awards. Pea Soup and The Witching Well were short-listed for Best Young Adult Short Story on the same awards.

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